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Disc one
„Breakdown” (from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, 1976) - 02:42
„American Girl” (from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) - 03:30
„Hometown Blues” (from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) - 02:11
„The Wild One, Forever” (from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) - 03:03
„I Need to Know” (from You're Gonna Get It!, 1978) - 02:24
„Listen to Her Heart” (from You're Gonna Get It!) - 03:01
„Too Much Ain't Enough” (from You're Gonna Get It!) - 02:56
„Refugee” (Petty, Mike Campbell) (from Damn the Torpedoes, 1979) - 03:21
„Here Comes My Girl” (Petty, Campbell) (from Damn the Torpedoes) - 04:33
„Don't Do Me Like That” (from Damn the Torpedoes) - 02:44
„Even the Losers” (from Damn the Torpedoes) - 04:00
„The Waiting” (from Hard Promises, 1981) - 04:00
„A Woman in Love (It's Not Me)” (Petty, Campbell) (from Hard Promises) - 04:22
„Stop Draggin' My Heart Around” (with Stevie Nicks) (Petty, Campbell) (from Nicks' album Bella Donna, 1981) - 04:04
„You Got Lucky” (Petty, Campbell) (from Long After Dark, 1982) - 03:37
„Straight into Darkness” (from Long After Dark) - 03:49
„Change of Heart” (from Long After Dark) - 03:18
Disc two
„Rebels” (from Southern Accents, 1985) - 05:20
„Don't Come Around Here No More” (Petty, David A. Stewart) (from Southern Accents) - 05:06
„The Best of Everything” (from Southern Accents) - 04:03
„So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star” (Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman) (from Pack Up the Plantation: Live!, 1985) - 03:38
„Jammin' Me” (Petty, Campbell, Bob Dylan) (from Let Me Up (I've Had Enough), 1987) - 04:08
„It'll All Work Out” (from Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)) - 03:12
„Love Is a Long Road” (Petty, Campbell) (from Full Moon Fever, 1989) - 04:06
„Free Fallin'” (Petty, Jeff Lynne) (from Full Moon Fever) - 04:14
„Yer So Bad” (Petty, Lynne) (from Full Moon Fever) - 03:05
„I Won't Back Down” (Petty, Lynne) (from Full Moon Fever) - 02:56
„Runnin' Down a Dream” (Petty, Campbell, Lynne) (from Full Moon Fever) - 04:23
„Learning to Fly” (Petty, Lynne) (from Into the Great Wide Open, 1991) - 04:03
„Into the Great Wide Open” (Petty, Lynne) (from Into the Great Wide Open) - 03:44
„Two Gunslingers” (from Into the Great Wide Open) - 03:10
„Mary Jane's Last Dance” (from Greatest Hits, 1993) - 04:32
„Waiting for Tonight” (from Playback, 1995) - 03:31
„Surrender” (new song, 2000) - 02:54