Three O'Clock High

VINYL Album (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Three O'Clock High
935 Kč s DPH
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Katalogové číslo:7245533
Datum vydání:27.1.2023

Remasterovaná verze soundtracku ke kultovnímu snímku od německých synthpopových legend



Č. Skladba Čas
Side A
1It's Jerry's Day Today 00:44
246-32-15 00:47
3No Detention 01:04
4Any School Bully Will Do 00:33
5Go To The Head Of The Class 03:12
6Sit 00:47
7The Fight 02:36
8Jerry's Decisions 04:28
9The Fight Is On 04:42
10Paper 01:28
Side B
1Big Bright Brass Knuckles 01:19
2Buying Paper Like It's Going Out Of Style 01:38
3Dangerous Trend 00:54
4Who's Chasing Who 00:59
5Bonding By Candlelight 01:35
6You'll Never Believe It 02:20
7Starting The Day Off Right 01:16
8Weak At The Knees 02:34
9Kill Him (The Football Dummy) 01:04
10Not So Quiet In The Library / Get Lost In A Crowd 01:36
11Something To Remember Me By 04:13
12Arrival 02:10